He's better than Neil.

You might know this man from any number of works (in no particular order)... Firefly? Castle? Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog? Slither? Waitress? Drive? Two Guys and a Girl? Or maybe even, One Life to Live? If so, then you already know why we're here. The wit. The eyes. The smile. The smarmy charm. The hair blowing in the breeze. Take your pick, it's all good, and we revel in it on this corner of the Tumblrverse!

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his face you guys


A wild Castle appearsĀ 


I forgot about the rumors of Nathan as Ant Man til watching this. :(

I hope he is!!!!

It’s quite possible I will never not reblog this…

It’s quite possible I will never not reblog this…


Some Superhero humor with the one and only, Nathan Fillion!

Nathan and Jon Huertas help Seamus Dever solve a problem….